2019 Emerald X-20 Custom

The X-20 was custom built for me by Emerald guitars in Ireland in late 2019.  With the exception of the extremely beautiful Royal Ebony veneer top, this guitar is entirely made out of carbon fiber.  I would never have imagined carbon fiber to be a superior acoustic instrument material but it is.  This is easily the best sounding acoustic guitar I have ever owned.  With stainless steel frets that never fear down and near-perfect tuning stability that is unaffected by temperature and humidty changes, this guitar will last for many generations with no maintenance.  The back is "carved" and the guitar features ergonomic styling that would be impossible to create using wood.


* Carbon fiber body, bridge, neck and fretboard

* Stainless steel frets

* LR Baggs Piezo system with volume and EQ.

* Graphite nut

* Proprietary tuners

@ 2020 John D'Orto